Database Migration Service from CentOS

CentOS project has been discontinued. CentOS 8 support is ending in 2021. CentOS users need to urgently migrate to another system.

Vettabase offers a Database Migration Service from CentOS for Database Servers.

As Database Experts, we provide consulting on every aspect of a Database Server, including the system.


Our service steps are the following.

Find the best option

We’ll help you find out the best option for you. You can choose another rpm-based distribution, or you can switch to the Debian world.

Some typical factors that could influence your choice are:

  • Trust in the vendor.
  • Re-use your in-house skills.
  • Re-use your in-house tooling.
  • Choosing an easy migration path.

Make a plan

We’ll discuss your requirements, because every case is different.

Before the migration: Do your team need to acquire new skills? Do you need to modify your internal tools? Do you need to change some software?

During the migration: Can you afford a downtime? Do you want to evaluate a solution for some time before definitely switching?

To give you an example: if you switch from CentOS to a Debian-based distribution, you may need to replace SELinux, and make sure that your devops team is confident with AppArmor and apt.

Preparation phase

If necessary, we will:

  • Train your teams, or help you identify suppliers for training that we can’t provide.
  • Help modify existing in-house tooling, and test it on staging servers.
  • Help select alternatives for software that needs to be replaced.

Every change will be throughly tested on new test servers running the new system.


We will perform the migration itself for you, both in staging and in production.

We can arrange a migration with no downtime, if you require so.

We will make to make the migration as smooth as possible, and avoid production problems after the migration.


We remain available to provide consulting and support after the migration.


Contact us to explain your needs, and start to plan your migration from CentOS.


Federico Razzoli, Vettabase director, and Renato Losio, cloud expert, talk about the available options for CentOS servers.