How to set up AWS Audit Log plugin for MySQL 8 Community

From this blog post, you’ll learn how to enable an audit log plugin on the Community version of MySQL 8 Server.

There are some options available for MySQL Server 5.7 Community version, but they don’t work correctly with MySQL 8. A significant change in the MySQL API broke the compatibility.

Aldo Junior: How to set up AWS Audit Log plugin for MySQL 8


If you have MySQL 5.7 Community version running on your database farm and would like to enable an audit log, you can leverage the options listed below:

However, if you have MySQL 8 Community version on your farm and need to enable an audit log plugin, the above-listed plugins won’t be compatible.

The development team of Amazon RDS for MySQL has forked the MariaDB Audit Log Plugin and ensured compatibility with MySQL 8 API to use it on their RDS for MySQL databases family. Recently, they have made the repository with the code of this project open on GitHub.


The audit plugin for MySQL needs to be compiled with the MySQL Server Community source code to generate the file. The MySQL Server compiling process is well-explained on compiling mysql demystifying from Vinicius Grippa.

I created a fork from the AWS repository and fixed some issues in the plugin found while working with it. I’ve also uploaded the file for test purposes. 


To be able to use the audit plugin, you’ll need to paste the file in the plugin_dir of the MySQL database server.

  1. Get the path for plugin_dir :
mysql> select @@plugin_dir;
| @@plugin_dir             |
| /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
  1. Paste the there:
mysql>\! ls -lh /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ total 8.5M -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 597K Jul 26 18:47

Enable plugin

mysql>set global server_audit_logging = ON; 
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Enable query events

mysql> set global server_audit_events = ‘QUERY’;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Audit log file

mysql> \! ls -lh /var/lib/mysql
total 188M
-rw-r-----. 1 mysql mysql 1.7K Jul 26 18:50  server_audit.log


mysql> \! cat /var/lib/mysql/server_audit.log
20220726 18:48:35,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,3,QUERY,,’set global server_audit_logging = ON’,0,,
20220726 18:48:56,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,4,QUERY,,’set global server_audit_events = \’QUERY\”,0,,
20220726 18:49:02,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,5,QUERY,,’create database test’,0,,
20220726 18:49:04,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,6,QUERY,,’SELECT DATABASE()’,0,,
20220726 18:49:04,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,8,QUERY,,’show databases’,0,,
20220726 18:49:04,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,9,QUERY,,’show tables’,0,,
20220726 18:49:32,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,10,QUERY,,’create table example_table (id int unsigned primary key auto_increment)’,0,,
20220726 18:49:43,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,11,QUERY,,’insert into example_table(null)’,1064,,
20220726 18:49:48,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,12,QUERY,,’insert into sidnei values (null)’,0,,
20220726 18:49:57,localhost.localdomain,root,localhost,10,18,QUERY,,’select * from example_table’,0,,

To get more details on the plugin configuration, read the AWS RDS Plugin documentation.


If are you using MySQL 8 Community version and need to enable the audit log, the plugin from the AWS development team can be a good option. However, you should bear in mind that no AWS support is available for this plugin — they make it clear in their . In my opinion, it can be useful in cases where the database server is not so critical. If some bug happens in production in a very important database server the bug fix can take time. If you need to use this feature I recommend migrating to MariaDB Server because you can use a very mature plugin with the support of the MariaDB community.

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