Monthly Time

Monthly Time, or Weekly Time, is an amount of hours we will use to take care of your databases. Each month or week we will be available for ordinary and extra-ordinary database administration tasks.

Weather your company doesn’t have a DBA, or your DBA team is undersized, or you simply want someone to run delicate tasks and give you expert opinions… this service is for you.

Vettabase Monthly Time

How the service works

Each month/week we’ll start with a call. You tell us what you need us to do. Or we can log into your systems and check if everything is alright, and fix some problems. Most likely, we will do a bit of both.

Except for the call, usually this work is asynchronous by nature. We will do it within the same month (or week), but time and weekdays will be chosen according to my schedule.

We understand that it will not always be possible – or optimal – to use exactly the amount of hours previously agreed. We try to be flexible, and we agree to “move” hours from one month to another, within reasonable limits.

During the whole duration of the work, we do our best to guarantee your data security and your privacy. See Consulting Policy for details.


  • You don’t have a DBA? With my montly time, you don’t need to hire one immediately.
  • Are DBAs swamped in daily tasks? You can assign us some tasks instead of hiring a new person.
  • Assign delicate tasks for an expert – like a cluster upgrade with no downtime.
  • Double check with us if things are fine: we can review queries, review configuration, test backups, and so on.

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