Online Training: MariaDB Stored Procedures

MariaDB Stored Procedures is a team training designed for novice to expert MariaDB users. Intended audience includes DBAs, database engineers, analysts and data scientists. Developers can benefit from the training if they plan to work with stored procedures and triggers.

The training covers the necessary skills to implement simple or complex business logic into the database using stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and events. Using JSON to make stored procedures more flexible and integrated with external tools is an important part of the course.


  • Move the business Business Logic into the database

    Learn to implement the Business Logic in the database itself, keeping data and its definition in the same place.

  • Improve your code performance

    By processing data in a stored procedureyou will avoid client-server communications, rows round trip and long locks.

  • Learn advanced, procedural SQL

    Use SQL beyond the limits of the most common imperative queries. Learn a procedural language that allows advanced relational operations, and support manipulating schemaless JSON objects.

  • Increase interoperability

    Abstract your procedures from legacy applications and languages they are written in. Keep data consistent, log changes and run statistics without touching existing code.


  • Overview of stored programs
    • Stored procedures and functions
    • MariaDB stored aggregate functions
    • Triggers
    • Events
  • Parameters and variables
  • Control structures
  • Error handling
  • Server-side Prepared Statements
  • Introspection using information_schema
  • JSON arrays and objects
  • Output and debug messages
  • Saving status
  • Using triggers to validate data, transform data, or apply defaults
  • Good and bad practices
  • Advantages and disadvantages of stored procedures


The course is designed for DBAs, devops, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, developers with MariaDB working knowledge. Some knowledge of SQL and basic programming skills are required. The attendees need to know how to write a SELECT and understand what a loop is, for example.

All attendees should have a stable and reasonably fast internet connection. Having a backup connection to use in case of troubles is also desirable.

Attendees should have the following programs installed on their laptops:

  • The latest MariaDB stable version, or another
    version agreed with the customer before the beginning of the course. It
    is recommended that we use the MariaDB version they will use in their
    daily work.
  • mysql or mycli command-line interfaces. mysqli is bundled with MariaDB, whereas mycli is an open source project.
  • A terminal that allows to run system commands.

The operating system of choice is not relevant, as long as it is not too old or too new to run the MariaDB version of choice.

Cost and timing

The MariaDB Stored Procedures training has a cost of 2,500 GBP and its duration is 2 giorni.

A maximum of 15 attendees is allowed, and we encourage
customers to keep the number of attendees as low as 10. This allows a
good level of interactivity, and ensures that every attendee can obtain
the necessary support.

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