Vettabase announces immudb partnership with Codenotary Inc

Blixy wanted to check wether immudb is actually immutable!

We are happy to announce that Vettabase started a partnership with CodeNotary Inc, the company behind open-source project immudb!

immudb is a new breed of database, supporting both key/value and SQL models. Immudb is open-source and it’s main value-add is its built-in immutability model: In other words you can insert a new version of a row, or a new value for a key; you can’t ever change it or delete it. All previous versions of a row or key can always be queried with dedicated syntax. Immudb gives cryptographic proof of no tampering at every transaction and is as such a tamper-evident database. We previously wrote about immudb: First impressions about immudb, the immutable database.

Vettabase offers consulting on various database technologies, and we’re specialised in automation and data integration between different technologies.

Vettabase is writing, and will over time maintain, immudb documentation for a section dedicated to the integration with other technologies. In particular we’re documenting how to import data from, or export data to, MariaDB/MySQL and PostgreSQL. The progress of our work is public, and can be followed via our Integration Docs project on GitHub.

You may remember that we have a similar partnership with the MariaDB Foundation.

Modern data infrastructures are complex. An immutable database is useful, for example, if you have strict security requirements. immudb guarantees that the data are not lost or altered. But it will hardly be the only database you use. Maybe you have applications that use MariaDB and, while you’re not going to change this, you want to export data to immudb in real time or periodically. Maybe you want to copy data from immudb to PostgreSQL to implement a data warehouse. Whatever the reason and the use case, immudb will allow you to do great things, but data integration is never easy. That’s why we’re here!

We want to bring our customers to the vetta – it’s the Italian word for the top of a mountain. From a vetta you can see the wonderful woods, valleys and seas of snow, and stop worrying about the details – which you can still see with your binoculars, if you need to. We want to give you the freedom to focus on your business, not on on tricky technological details and complex technical problems. We’ll take care of the machinery for you.

For support on immudb itself please check, or visit

For consulting on data integration, you can call us. Or, if you never heard about us, take a look at our services.

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Federico is Vettabase Ltd director, and he's an expert database consultant specialised in the MariaDB and MySQL ecosystems.

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