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Federico Razzoli

Federico Razzoli is a database professional, with a preference for open source databases, who has been working with DBMSs since year 2000. In the past 20+ years, he served in a number of companies as a DBA, Database Engineer, Database Consultant and Software Developer. In 2016, Federico summarized his extensive experience with MariaDB in the “Mastering MariaDB” book published by Packt. Being an experienced database events speaker, Federico speaks at professional conferences and meetups and conducts database trainings. He is also a supporter and advocate of open source software. As the Director of Vettabase, Federico does business worldwide but prefers to do it from Scotland where he lives.
How to compose strings in MariaDB

How to compose strings in MariaDB

MariaDB supports several ways to compose strings dynamically. Some of them might be well-known, others aren't familiar to you. This article covers all the ways to compose strings. CONCAT() CONCAT() is a simple function to concatenate strings: > SELECT CONCAT(user,...

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