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Case Study

Treedom: assistance with MySQL in the cloud + ProxySQL on Kubernetes

About Treedom

Treedom is a platform that allows anyone to remotely plant trees in different countries of the world. It is a website where everyone can either plant a tree or send it to a friend as a gift. Treedom also partners with the world’s top corporations to support their environmental commitment to green the planet. In 2020, the company hired Vettabase experts to mitigate risks related to growth and peak load days.

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Treedom and Vettabase collaboration at a glance

4 years and counting!

for our collaboration on databases

40% saved

on database infrastructure

10 developers trained

on database design and query optimisation 

100% operations automated

to ensure smooth backup and restore

100% incidents prevented

since the start of the collaboration with Vetabase!

Scope of Work

Prevent database-related incidents that may occur during peak usage days

Automate backup and restore operations, create a process for testing backups

Implement database security best practices

Work with the development team to improve query performance

Configure Amazon Aurora for MySQL and ensure database scalability

Optimise database infrastructure costs and save where possible

Implement database design good practices and regular schema checks

Increase reliability and observability of all database instances by improving monitoring

Key technologies and tools involved

What Vettabase did for Treedom

Vettabase team has been empowering Treedom databases since 2020 addressing the above mentioned challenges. Our goal is proactive work that remains invisible to the users, which we achieve day by day. Treedom databases now have better reliability, scalability, performance and security, while keeping the cost reasonable thanks to a close collaboration between Vettabase and Treedom engineering.

Work done and results achieved

Better reliability and resilience thanks to new monitoring setup and backup facility


Vettabase set up monitoring for key critical database metrics and query performance using PMM and custom checks.

ProxySQL configuration

Vettabase improved Treedom ProxySQL configuration to make sure that no outage happens in case an instance crashes and achieve Read/Write splitting without touching the code.


Vettabase improved the reliability and decreased the cost of database administration tasks by implementing Ansible roles, scripts and stored procedures.


Backup process improvements

Vettabase built a new backup facility consisting of backup-and-restore scripts to take backups, test them, and feed Treedom’s non-production environments.

Better database scalability thanks to automation and correct configuration

Automatic scaling

Treedom databases can now scale automatically when the workload grows, without overloading the writer node or crashing any instance.

Row and table locking

Row and table locking was reduced thanks to working with Treedom developers which also made a positive impact on scalability.


Vettabase helped Treedom in its transition towards microservices architecture by providing help with database design and a new process for production and test migrations.


Vettabase maintains Treedom ProxySQL Docker images that run on Kubernetes, by adjusting the configuration, introducing monitoring and adding some utility and troubleshooting scripts.

Aurora configuration

Vettabase improved Treedom database latency by fixing some problems with Aurora configuration.

Database performance

Cost optimisation

Scalability without optimisation can lead to uncontrolled costs, that’s why Vettabase identified and optimised Treedom’s slow queries and locking transactions. This made it possible to halve the size of the production database infrastructure without impacting performance.

App logic optimisation

Our consultancy allowed Treedom to modify the applications logic as well, when query optimisation was not enough.

Workload optimisation

We identified queries that didn’t return results or consistently returned errors, so that Treedom developers could remove them and reduce the workload.

Database security & training


Vettavase rationalised and documented Treedom database permissions for applications, tools, and human users.

Keeping the fast pace

Treedom developers now have a set of stored procedures to create new non-production environments and assign permissions on them.


Vettabase provided Treedom with training on database design and query optimisation, to make software developers autonomous when it comes to optimising common queries and design indexes.

One of the teams trained reportedly decided not to use an ORM for a new microservice.


Vettabase is a valuable partner for Treedom. Their consulting services allowed us to improve our databases performance, scalability and security over time. In the process, Vettabase automated several maintenance tasks for our databases, using Ansible and custom scripts. Vettabase also trained our developers to write faster and more expressive SQL queries. The feedback from the attendees was great.

Tommaso Franceschi

Cloud & IT @Treedom

Treedom is a unique greentech project, we’re proud to be working on it and helping Treedom grow and prosper. The best thing is that we managed to prevent 100% incidents since the start of our collaboration which proves that proactive database work is especially valuable. Saved money and safe data are best. Seeing the Treedom team improving so many things with our help was inspiring, and we are happy to continue our work for many more years…and trees!

Federico Razzoli

Founder @ Vettabase

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