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Database Health Check Services

Let our team professionally audit your MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Cassandra setups and provide a detailed health check report for your DBAs to make changes!

Expert Database Audits & Health Checks

Our experts will remotely inspect your database instances or clusters to find issues that need immediate attention or signs of the upcoming problems that may occur later. For both current and future issues, you’ll get documented advice from our experts. We’ll cover everything from database and system configuration to schema design and queries.

MariaDB Database Health Checks

MariaDB differs significantly from MySQL, and our in-house MariaDB experts know it from practice. They will check how your MariaDB instances are tuned, take a look at your replication topology and backup strategy chosen. Our report will help you make the most of MariaDB.

MySQL Database Health Checks

Some MySQL problems may be as simple as a parameter with some wrong value, or a query that needs rewriting. Others might be more complicated and require considerable effort. We’ll detect issues of both types and provide you with a list of recommendations.

PostgreSQL Database Health Checks

When was the last time you have examined your PostgreSQL configuration, replication and backups? This time you can trust it to us, and be sure that we’ll find some mistakes and unrecommended practices. You’ll get full understanding of what to fix.

Cassandra Database Health Checks

As part of health check, we’ll analyze all aspects of your Cassandra cluster (up to 3 nodes). We’ll check the state of your JVM, its options, Garbage Collector, notable configurations, cluster topology, replication, resource consumption, etc. The report will contain existing issues and misconfigurations.

Health Checks come with no lock-ins. All encountered problems are explained in simple terms. Final recommendations can be applied by your team without support, if you wish so.

When a Database Health Check Can Help

A database is the heart of your application, and you want it to work well. Without a proper health check, it may start to invisibly lead you to money and / or reputation losses. A thorough examination will cost much less.

Why is your database so slow?

We will find slowdowns and will scientifically investigate them to find the root causes. Then we will explain to you what to do to speed up your database.

Why can't your database 'just scale'?

Databases are complex multi-purpose technologies. Scaling is possible but it may require specific knowledge of database internals.

Why does your database demonstrate strange behavior?

Database problems can be complicated and counterintuitive. It might be hard to understand what exactly went wrong without the years of experience we have.

Are your queries and your schema well optimised?

Trying to scale a cluster is often useless when SQL queries and the schema are not optimised. We’ll find the slowest queries, and the queries that slow down your servers. Sometimes the only problem of a slow application is missing or poorly designed indexes.

Why is your database consuming so many resources?

In many cases, you can spend less on IT infrastructure by using less nodes with more optimal schema and queries. We can get you there!

What if I want to replace my database technology?

We can help you to weigh the pros and cons, and find out if you just need to optimise your current database, because migrations are expensive.

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We at Vettabase respect our customers and offer good value for money compared to many other database consulting companies. We automate things where others leave them as they are because it means more support incidents or consulting engagements. Unlike many other companies, we will not recommend you a solution we are interested in. Quite the opposite, we will remain unbiased and use the best tools and technologies that fit your existing infrastructure, plans for growth and budget.