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Services for MariaDB ColumnStore Users

Get expert assistance or training to make the most of your setup

Quick Intro for MariaDB ColumnStore Users

To accommodate MariaDB ColumnStore users, Vettabase offers special services for this product. They include evaluation, training, health checks and monthly DBA time.

MariaDB ColumnStore Evaluation

Are you interested in MariaDB ColumnStore?

Do you want to make sure that it is the right solution for your company?

We can help you evaluate MariaDB ColumnStore.

What Vettabase experts will do for you

Assess the costs

Assess the benefits and risks of using MariaDB ColumnStore compared to the most common alternatives

Advise on an optimal ETL process to feed MariaDB ColumnStore with your business data

Deploy a test cluster, so that data analysts and developers can try it

MariaDB ColumnStore Training

Master ColumnStore with our advanced in-depth technical training!

Service name Price Audience Benefits
1-day MariaDB ColumnStore Training 1,200 GBP Up to 8 people A discount for ProxySQL course

MariaDB ColumnStore Health Checks

Audit your ColumnStore setup using our expert health checks.

Monthly DBA Time for MariaDB ColumnStore

Give your ColumnStore setup ultimate care by purchasing dedicated consulting hours for this product.

What is MariaDB ColumnStore?

ColumnStore is an open source plugin that extends MariaDB with enterprise-grade functionalities. It makes MariaDB suitable for intensive analytics workloads. The benefits of MariaDB ColumnStore include:

Distributed or single-node deployments

Ability to JOIN ColumnStore data with regular tables

Importing data from S3 and compatible services

Columnar storage

Scaling up to petabytes of data

Full compatibility with advanced SQL features, like Oracle-compatible stored procedures, window functions, recursive queries

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

Replicating data from MariaDB in real time

Importing data from any database, data files or REST APIs with the CONNECT engine

To learn more about Columnstore or order a product evaluation, contact our team of experts.

Why Vettabase?

We at Vettabase consider MariaDB ColumnStore an integral part of the MariaDB ecosystem. That’s why we became involved in a few projects that users of this product might consider important.

  • We maintain ColumnStore Docker and Vagrant images, with the latest versions of MariaDB and ColumnStore, Community edition.
  • We restored the documentation of the Community Edition of MariaDB ColumnStore and we maintained its contents updated.

Another reason to trust your ColumnStore setup to Vettabase is our years of experience in MariaDB: some of our experts worked on its development, others authored books on this technology.

While helping you with ColumnStore, we’ll leverage database automation which remains our core focus. It’s needed to properly administer a cluster and avoid human errors.

Our partners are ready to offer you products that integrate with ColumnStore and MariaDB. Explain your case to us, and we’ll find a solution that fits your needs best.

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