Online Training: MariaDB for MySQL DBAs


MariaDB for MySQL DBAs is a training for teams of DBAs who need to switch from MySQL to MariaDB. It is designed to be suitable for both new and expert DBAs. Experts can consider it a valuable resource to quickly learn what they need and ask for advice about their specific use cases.

The attendees will learn how to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB and which problems they may encounter. Then, they will learn how to user valuable MariaDB features that they will benefit from.


  • Learn the most important differences between MariaDB and MySQL

    Certain operations need to be performed differently in MariaDB. Trying to use MariaDB without knowing these differences can cause many failures and headaches.

  • Administer MariaDB taking advantage of its unique features

    MariaDB has several optimisations and convenient functionalities that are not in MySQL. MariaDB DBAs should know them.

  • Learn how to migrate a database from MySQL to MariaDB

    Migrating a MySQL database to MariaDB requires special attention is we want to avoid a service disruption, or if the dataset is large.

  • Administer mixed MariaDB/MySQL environments

    Different applications may use different DBMSs, handled with the same tools. Or MariaDB could replicate data from MySQL.


  • Migrating from MySQL to MariaDB
  • Incompatibilities between MariaDB and MySQL
  • MariaDB features: an overview
  • Backups
    • Available backup methods
    • Mariabackup
    • Binary log and Flashback
  • Replication
    • GTID
    • Multi-channel replication
    • Parallel replication
  • Importing data from MySQL to MariaDB
  • Running migrations in production ( ALTER ONLINE┬áTABLE , LOCK, ALGORITHM, ignored indexes)
  • MariaDB storage engines
    • Storage engines overview
    • Aria storage engine for internal temporary tables
    • MariaDB CONNECT
    • SPIDER
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Column compression
  • MariaDB Temporal Tables (system-versioned, application-time)
  • SQL statements implemented in MariaDB but not in MySQL
  • Invisible columns, sequences

On request, one or two of these topics can be replaced by other MariaDB features, as long as the instructor considers this reasonable.


The course is designed for MySQL DBAs or DevOps of any level.

All attendees should have a stable and reasonably fast internet connection. Having a backup connection to use in case of troubles is also desirable.

Attendees should have the following programs installed on their laptops:

  • The latest MariaDB stable version, or another
    version agreed with the customer before the beginning of the course. It
    is recommended that we use the MariaDB version they will use in their
    daily work.
  • mysql or mycli command-line interfaces. mysqli is bundled with MariaDB, whereas mycli is an open source project.
  • A terminal that allows to run system commands.

The operating system of choice is not relevant, as long as it is not too old or too new to run the MariaDB version of choice.

Cost and timing

The MariaDB for MySQL DBAs training has a cost of 2,500 GBP and its duration is 2 days.

A maximum of 15 attendees is allowed, and we encourage
customers to keep the number of attendees as low as 10. This allows a
good level of interactivity, and ensures that every attendee can obtain
the necessary support.

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