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Vettabase unites a team of internationally recognised database consultants providing professional services and training for MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Cassandra

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About Vettabase

Vettabase Ltd. was founded in July 2020 by Federico Razzoli, an IT expert and open source advocate with 20+ years of experience in databases. “Vetta” is the Italian word for the top of a mountain – and this is where we want our customers to be: we let them rest assured that they are on top of things while we are doing the complex machinery behind the scenes. Our expertise helps us serve complex MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Cassandra setups, though we may also tackle other related technologies and tools.

Vettabase is a young company, but it is set to grow fast. Our remote-first culture helps us to hire best talent or even key people of the database industry regardless of where they are based. Our top experts have vertical competences that are rare in the database market. Our customers respect us because we are on a mission of offering them greatest value and unbiased advice.

Meet Federico Razzoli

Federico Razzoli is a database professional, with a preference for open source databases, who has been working with DBMSs since year 2000. In the past 20+ years, he served in a number of companies as a DBA, Database Engineer, Database Consultant and Software Developer.

In 2016, Federico summarized his extensive experience with MariaDB in the “Mastering MariaDB” book published by Packt. Being an experienced database events speaker, Federico speaks at professional conferences and meetups and conducts database trainings. He is also a supporter and advocate of open source software.

As the Director of Vettabase, Federico does business worldwide but prefers to do it from Scotland where he lives.

Our Partners

Vettabase partners with companies bringing value to the world and knowledge to people. We believe in the “win-win” approach and collaboration for mutual benefit. If you would like to partner with Vettabase, please contact us.

Client Testimonials

Take a look at the testimonials provided by Vettabase customers and partners – many of them are key people of the open source database community. If you want to add your reference, please contact us.

Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius

At MariaDB Foundation, we asked Vettabase to produce an analysis of the differences between MariaDB and another database technology, from a user perspective. The outcome was helpful and accurate, showing how Vettabase thorough skills cover multiple technologies.

Michael 'Monty' Widenius
Karl Erik Levik

Vettabase performed a remote health check of our MariaDB cluster and MaxScale database proxy. The cluster is a critical infrastructure component for many of our experiments at the synchrotron. Vettabase produced a detailed report with all identified issues and recommended solutions for each. The report has given us reassurances about our database health and will serve as a guide for future improvements. Vettabase has demonstrated a deep technical understanding of MariaDB, Galera and MaxScale in a Linux environment. It was a pleasure to work with them!

Karl Erik Levik
Vicente Rossello Jaume

Vettabase has been TravelCompositor’s valued partner since March 2023. First, Vettabase performed a health check for our MariaDB setup. It brought several improvements to both our servers configuration and database schemas. To maximize our database performance, we also used their Monthly DBA Time service to move from a single database node to a database cluster with a reasonably configured replication.

In addition to this, the Vettabase team has conducted a MariaDB query optimization training for our entire development team, which meant a 4-session course given to 4 different groups. This helpful training empowered our technical team with solid knowledge of MariaDB internals and query optimization best practices.

Vicente Rossello Jaume
Tommaso Franceschi

Vettabase is a valuable partner for Treedom. Their consulting services allowed us to improve our databases performance, scalability and security over time. In the process, Vettabase automated several maintenance tasks for our databases, using Ansible and custom scripts. Vettabase also trained our developers to write faster and more expressive SQL queries. The feedback from the attendees was great.

Tommaso Franceschi
Justin Swanhart

Federico is a consultant who is extremely familiar with the entire MySQL ecosystem, and the LAMP stack, among other things. Federico has contributed source to Flexviews, part of the Swanhart Toolkit, and has tested my software extensively, offering bug reports and authoring code to fix problems and improve test cases. I would trust Federico to work on my systems, which is a trust that I extend to very few. He is an excellent engineer that I would be proud to have in any team that I work with.

Justin Swanhart
Marco Visibelli

At Currencies Direct, Federico Razzoli reviewed our Cassandra infrastructure, providing us with precious recommendations on how to improve its configuration and our data models. His consulting clarified the intricacies of a distributed database and the Java Virtual Machine, and allowed us to take advantage of the peculiarities of Cassandra.
I would recommend Federico to other companies to handle their database problems.

Marco Visibelli
Lead Data Scientist at Currencies Direct
Vitali Tsevan

We’ve spent a year developing Catawiki platform together. During this year Federico helped a lot to improve our operational database setup.
Deep knowledge of MySQL internals helped us tuning our production database servers performance. We’ve created a bunch of meaningful charts in Grafana. They explained important MySQL metrics in a simple manner. This effort helped us to achieve better transparency in the database topic.
Federico showed ability to talk to developers simply and efficiently. During organized company events and private conversations he was explaining them do’s and dont’s of working with RDBMS. This guidance resulted not only in countless refactoring improvements in our applications but also in several wiki articles presented to our developers.

Vitali Tsevan
Dov Endress

Federico’s ability to explain high level concepts in a clear, concise fashion has saved me countless hours educating developers. It is one thing to explain a concept in depth to an audience of one, it is quite another to make clear the same information in a way everyone can understand.
His willingness to contribute to the overall knowledge base is a credit to the open source community.
In a time when so many people call themselves ‘full stack’ or ‘subject matter experts’, Federico is indeed just that. He has the respect and gratitude of his peers, colleagues, and customers alike.

Dov Endress

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