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Monthly DBA Time

Trust your regular database administration work and extraordinary tasks to our team of expert-level DBA professionals working with MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Cassandra!

Expert Hourly DBA Services

Our Database Administrators have worked with many complex database setups and can bring their years of experience to your project. We can help your team with migrations in production, query optimisation, new deployments, investigate incidents and more.

Monthly DBA Time for MariaDB

A good MariaDB (not MySQL!) DBA is a rare gem, but we have some of them at Vettabase! If you feel that your MariaDB instances need special care and professional check-up, turn to our remote DBA team for help and advice. We’ll unseal many secrets for you!

Monthly DBA Time for MySQL

MySQL has been around for 25+ years, and our experts have known this technology since its childhood. Solid experience and deep understanding of how MySQL was designed, helps our DBA team remotely administer even the large and complex MySQL clusters.

Monthly DBA Time for PostgreSQL

We value the academic approach that PostgreSQL is famous for, and our experts keep up with the vibrant pace of this community-driven project. Turn to our team for the remote administration of your PostgreSQL instances and gain peace of mind thanks to our proactive work!

Monthly DBA Time for Cassandra

Apache Cassandra remains one of the top open source NoSQL databases, and we understand the tasks it is best at and its known pain points. Our DBAs worked with Cassandra in dozens of projects, and we have surely learned a lot from that practice. If your business relies on Cassandra, we’ve got you covered.

When You Might Need Our Monthly DBA Time

Finding a good DBA will cost you a lot of time, money and effort. Sometimes you need to do it fast, and sometimes you seek very specific competencies that are hard to find and super expensive. Sometimes you need them not on a full-time basis. Vettabase offers you monthly DBA time specifically for such cases.

Hire 1/4 of a DBA

If you don't have a DBA or enough tasks for a full-time one, have our DBA team as a service doing the job for you!

Maximize performance

While working with your databases regularly, we will audit them, efficiently troubleshoot and configure them for you.

Offload your team

Delegate some tasks to Vettabase DBAs if you have extra work to do or a some "DBA debt" to take care of before it's too late.

Consult our experts

While making strategic or technical choices, you will always have a chance get pro advice and make informed decisions.

Fix complex issues

If a particular problem looks daunting to you and requires extra investigation, trust the solution to us.

Stay flexible

You pay us for your average amount of hours per month. We can agree to move your remaining hours to another month.

Important note. Please be aware that we will work for you asynchronously, but commit to a certain amount of hours per month. The exact timing and weekdays may vary according to our and your schedule.

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Professional help for your database infrastructure is just one click away! Use our contact form to explain your recent and (or) critical database issues to us. Your message will remain strictly confidential to the Vettabase team. Our experts will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also book a meeting with Federico Razzoli, the Director and Founder of Vettabase Ltd.

We at Vettabase respect our customers and offer good value for money compared to many other database consulting companies. We automate things where others leave them as they are because it means more support incidents or consulting engagements. Unlike many other companies, we will not recommend you a solution we are interested in. Quite the opposite, we will remain unbiased and use the best tools and technologies that fit your existing infrastructure, plans for growth and budget.