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We provide expert consulting on your database infrastructure.

Databases are the most complex components of a modern IT infrastructure. Taking care of them properly requires important resources, in terms of specific knowledge and tooling. It is hard for professionals to spread their skills horizontally and vertically over various technologies to master the specific knowledge that is needed to design and troubleshoot a database infrastructures properly.

Vettabase is the external resource that can add those competencies to your team.

No one can see the big picture and the details at the same time. We want you to focus on business success, instead of spending your resources to deal with the machinery, its configuration, its code.

The database and the value it provides will not disappear, they will grow. We will use our specialised skills to maximise the performance and the reliability of your infrastructure.

Watch your database from the top of a mountain.
See the big picture. Leave the details to Vettabase.


We are MariaDB Foundation Technology Partners

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Vettabase performed a remote health check of our MariaDB cluster and MaxScale database proxy. The cluster is a critical infrastructure component for many of our experiments at the synchrotron. Vettabase produced a detailed report with all identified issues and recommended solutions for each. The report has given us reassurances about our database health and will serve as a guide for future improvements. Vettabase has demonstrated a deep technical understanding of MariaDB, Galera and MaxScale in a Linux environment. It was a pleasure to work with them!

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