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Services for MindsDB Users

Vettabase experts help MindsDB users willing to leverage the power of traditional databases as external data sources

Quick Intro to MindsDB

Vettabase has partnered with MindsDB, the company behind the namesake meta-database that enables AI and machine learning (ML) for anyone who knows the SQL language. By connecting MindsDB to an external data source, such as MySQL, you can run SQL queries asking for future data or information that doesn’t exist yet. MindsDB will use one of its many ML models to run a prediction, and return the required data.

With MindsDB, you can obtain a simple prediction based on data which is already available without a data scientist involved.

Currently, Vettabase offers a range of services for MindsDB users.

Support for MindsDB MySQL integration

Vettabase is a maintainer of MindsDB integration with MySQL. A number of features have already been developed with more yet to be added.

We’re doing our best to provide MindsDB+MySQL users with high-quality smooth integration, however, in certain cases additional support might be needed. Here’re some of the common situations where we can help:
⦁ predictions result in slow MySQL queries;
⦁ support for uncommon data types is required;
⦁ non-standard MySQL authentication methods are causing troubles.

Contact us for any MindsDB+MySQL issues you may have.

Consulting for using MindsDB with MySQL and MariaDB

Turn to our experienced team if you want to:

⦁ Get the most out of our MindsDB and MySQL integration;
⦁ Follow industry best practices for security, compliance, and performance.

Contact us for hands-on or hands-off consulting on all these topics.

Integrations with other databases

Some traditional databases don’t have MindsDB integration yet. We provide professional services for four database technologies

We can develop MindsDB integrations with other database technologies for you. Contact us to get help for your case.

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