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MariaDB Monthly DBA Time

Expert MariaDB DBA as a Service, for clients all across the Globe

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Quick Intro to MariaDB Monthly DBA Time

Our experts will take care of your MariaDB instances for a pre-defined number of hours every month. We will either work for the tasks you would like us to perform or work on our own making the best possible decisions for your MariaDB setup. We’ll check your logs for incident reports, see if your database performance degraded, and take action.

When You Might Need Our Monthly DBA Time

Finding a good DBA will cost you a lot of time, money and effort. Sometimes you need to do it fast, and sometimes you seek very specific competencies that are hard to find and super expensive. Sometimes you need them not on a full-time basis. Vettabase offers you monthly DBA time specifically for such cases.

Hire 1/4 of a DBA

If you don't have a DBA or enough tasks for a full-time one, have our DBA team as a service doing the job for you!

Maximize performance

While working with your databases regularly, we will audit them, efficiently troubleshoot and configure them for you.

Offload your team

Delegate some tasks to Vettabase DBAs if you have extra work to do or a some "DBA debt" to take care of before it's too late.

Consult our experts

While making strategic or technical choices, you will always have a chance get pro advice and make informed decisions.

Fix complex issues

If a particular problem looks daunting to you and requires extra investigation, trust the solution to us.

Stay flexible

You pay us for your average amount of hours per month. We can agree to move your remaining hours to another month.

Important note. Please be aware that we will work for you asynchronously, but commit to a certain amount of hours per month. The exact timing and weekdays may vary according to our and your schedule.

Supported Technologies

Vettabase professionals use open source tools trusted and recommended by experts developing databases for decades. If a technology is spoken about, chances are that we have worked with it, too. We decide on a toolkit with automation at heart.

Tasks Covered by Our Remote DBAs

Our expert-level Database Administrators will log into your systems remotely to work on all types of regular DBA tasks and investigate complex issues for you. Please expect a thorough examination of your database and asynchronous work that will help you make the most of it.


Incident Investigation

We'll check out your recent database incidents, find out what caused them and apply new configurations or otherwise fix them.


Performance Optimisation

To speed up your database, we will look into its current issues, tune it and optimise queries to ensure high performance.


Tasks Coming From You

After a call where we'll define the scope of work, we'll focus on what's most important for your business: backups, HA, etc.

Stay flexible with us!

Sometimes it might be practical to spend less hours this month and move the remaining hours to the next month to prepare for a major update or expected traffic surges. We can negotiate such changes within reasonable limits and based on our capacity.

How We Charge You For
MariaDB Monthly DBA Time

We offer competitive pricing for our DBA services as we mostly do our work asynchronously. Urgent oncall work isn't covered by our standard service designed for regular DBA tasks, not emergencies. Yet, you can prevent many of them, if not all, by working with the Vettabase team of database experts.

Security Standards

We understand that you trust us your database and the data inside it. This is why we will follow the industry's highest security standards to protect the integral part of your business.

  • No password will ever be transferred via unsafe communication channels.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed upon your first request.
  • SSH connection and key-based authentication will be employed by our experts when connecting to your database.
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) or jumphosts will be used by our team connecting to your database if you find it reasonable.

For full information on what else we do to ensure your database security, read our Consultancy Policy.

Client Testimonials

We are proud of our client testimonials, and below is the testimonial of a valued Cassandra client.

You can view all of our testimonials here.

Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius

At MariaDB Foundation, we asked Vettabase to produce an analysis of the differences between MariaDB and another database technology, from a user perspective. The outcome was helpful and accurate, showing how Vettabase thorough skills cover multiple technologies.

Michael 'Monty' Widenius
Karl Erik Levik

Vettabase performed a remote health check of our MariaDB cluster and MaxScale database proxy. The cluster is a critical infrastructure component for many of our experiments at the synchrotron. Vettabase produced a detailed report with all identified issues and recommended solutions for each. The report has given us reassurances about our database health and will serve as a guide for future improvements. Vettabase has demonstrated a deep technical understanding of MariaDB, Galera and MaxScale in a Linux environment. It was a pleasure to work with them!

Karl Erik Levik
Vicente Rossello Jaume

Vettabase has been TravelCompositor’s valued partner since March 2023. First, Vettabase performed a health check for our MariaDB setup. It brought several improvements to both our servers configuration and database schemas. To maximize our database performance, we also used their Monthly DBA Time service to move from a single database node to a database cluster with a reasonably configured replication.

In addition to this, the Vettabase team has conducted a MariaDB query optimization training for our entire development team, which meant a 4-session course given to 4 different groups. This helpful training empowered our technical team with solid knowledge of MariaDB internals and query optimization best practices.

Vicente Rossello Jaume

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We at Vettabase respect our customers and offer good value for money compared to many other database consulting companies. We automate things where others leave them as they are because it means more support incidents or consulting engagements. Unlike many other companies, we will not recommend you a solution we are interested in. Quite the opposite, we will remain unbiased and use the best tools and technologies that fit your existing infrastructure, plans for growth and budget.