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Database Upgrade

Upgrade your open source database with us! The Vettabase team of experts will help you upgrade your MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or Cassandra instances. Trust your risk-free upgrades to professionals!

Expert Database Upgrade Services

Vettabase team will help you plan and conduct your open source database upgrade using the industry-trusted best practices. We can upgrade not only your database instances but also your operating system, monitoring solutions and automation software. The upgrade can be done without service disruption.

Database Upgrades for MariaDB

MariaDB is our core specialty as Vettabase was founded by the author of “Mastering MariaDB”. We provide overviews of the recent MariaDB releases on a regular basis and certainly know what’s new and what’s become deprecated. Upgrade your MariaDB setup with us to make sure you are not missing anything important!

Database Upgrades for MySQL

As early MySQL adopters, we check the “state of the dolphin” quite regularly and even communicate with the MySQL development team members. We can surely recommend you the most current and stable MySQL release and safely upgrade your MySQL instances. Trust this job to us!

Database Upgrades for Cassandra

Our experience with world’s premier open source NoSQL database helped us gain trust and positive recommendations from customers. If you need our help with upgrading Apache Cassandra or its ecosystem products, drop us a line. Don’t turn a blind eye on upgrades!

Database Upgrades for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is known as the most advanced open source database, and you want to use its most “advanced” a.k.a. most current version? We can help you upgrade to it and check the Postgres extensions and tools you may need to upgrade, too. Contact us to get help from our “elephant” department!

We also upgrade:

  • Managed databases from all major cloud service providers
  • Proxies and load balancers
  • Operating systems (Linux, *BSD)
  • Automation platforms (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform)
  • Backup solutions (Xtrabackup, mydumper, Barman, Bacula…)
    monitoring solutions (PMM, Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix…)

While upgrading, we recommend to use this opportunity to setup deployment and configuration automation, and we can help you do that.

Why Upgrade Your Database Software?

In theory, we all know that software upgrades should never be neglected, especially when it comes to critical systems like databases. However, if your database seems to be doing alright, upgrade is often postponed until it's too late. Don't wait for problems to occur and upgrade your database systems with us!


When properly tested and done with zero downtime, upgrades will make your infrastructure more reliable.


Every database server software improves over time, and some new features may be beneficial for your workload.


Actively maintained versions of database software have fixes for all known security vulnerabilities and exposures.


New versions bring new metrics, as a result, you can gain better visibility for what's happening.


New versions of database management systems introduce new performance-related optimisations and parameters.


New releases often have better support for automated deployment and configuration of your databases.

Get Started With Vettabase Today

Professional help for your database infrastructure is just one click away! Use our contact form to explain your recent and (or) critical database issues to us. Your message will remain strictly confidential to the Vettabase team. Our experts will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also book a meeting with Federico Razzoli, the Director and Founder of Vettabase Ltd.

We at Vettabase respect our customers and offer good value for money compared to many other database consulting companies. We automate things where others leave them as they are because it means more support incidents or consulting engagements. Unlike many other companies, we will not recommend you a solution we are interested in. Quite the opposite, we will remain unbiased and use the best tools and technologies that fit your existing infrastructure, plans for growth and budget.