Vettabase is now a MariaDB Foundation Technology Partner

by | Feb 24, 2021 | MariaDB, Company updates, Partners

Vettabase is MariaDB Foundation Technology Partner
Blixy is documenting how to automate MariaDB administration with proper tools

If you look at MariaDB Foundation sponsors page, you will now see the logo of a young, small company following some giants. Yes, it’s us: Vettabase. And we’re excited about it!

As Ian Gilfillan from the Foundation explained in this post, we achieved this by starting a documentation project that is part of the MariaDB KnowledgeBase: Automated MariaDB Deployment and Administration. We document how to automate the deployment and configuration management of MariaDB servers. Currently we cover technologies like Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, Orchestrator and Vault.

This is an ongoing work, we’ll keep maintaining it and adding new pages. Note that MariaDB KnowledgeBase is a wiki: you can contribute this section or any other part of the KB.

We are MariaDB experts and we are happy to work with the MariaDB Foundation.

But we cover some other databases, as well! You may want to take a look at the Linux for PostgreSQL Ansible role, by Michael Aboagye. It’s meant to configure Linux to run PostgreSQL with optimal performance. It’s still work in progress, but it’s a valuable source of information.

Vettabase has a preference for open source, and we’re always happy to contribute code or knowledge to the community.

Contact us to fully automate your database infrastructure, while optimising its performance and reliability.

Federico Razzoli

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