Online Training: Galera Cluster

Galera Cluster is a 2 days team training, designed for DBAs who need to setup a HA environment based on Galera technology: a synchronous, multimaster client. After this training, the attendee will be able to use MariaDB Cluster.

If you prefer, you may ask to focus the course on another Galera flavour: Percona Xtradb Cluster, or Galera Cluster for MySQL.

This training covers the necessary topics to setup new clusters and upgrade existing ones, monitor them, run ordinary administration and troubleshoot problems.


  • Administering a Cluster

    Learn to setup a cluster, add nodes, restart nodes, remove nodes.

  • Galera performance tuning

    Tune Galera and MariaDB configuration for the best performance. Reduce the risks of conflicts.

  • Replication monitoring

    Monitor Galera to be sure that its performance is adequate and the cluster is in good health.

  • Failover and troubleshooting

    Deal with disaster. Implement failover for applications and recover nodes after failures.


  • Understanding Galera and WSREP
  • Galera limitations and good practices
  • Designing a cluster
  • Starting a new cluster
  • Transaction certification
  • Galera Cache, SST, SSI
  • Disaster recovery
  • Avoiding flow control
  • Performance tuning
  • Causal reads
  • Running ALTER TABLE (TOI, RSU)
  • Rolling upgrades
  • Combining Galera and asynchronous replication


The course is designed for DBAs or DevOps with MariaDB working knowledge. A basic SQL knowledge is desirable.

All attendees should have a stable and reasonably fast internet connection. Having a backup connection to use in case of troubles is also desirable.

Attendees should have the following programs installed on their laptops:

  • The latest MariaDB stable version, or another
    version agreed with the customer before the beginning of the course. It
    is recommended that we use the MariaDB version they will use in their
    daily work.
  • mysql or mycli command-line interfaces. mysqli is bundled with MariaDB, whereas mycli is an open source project.
  • A terminal that allows to run system commands.

The operating system of choice is not relevant, as long as it is not too old or too new to run the MariaDB version of choice.

Cost and timing

The Galera Cluster training has a cost of 2,500 GBP and its duration is 2 days.

A maximum of 15 attendees is allowed, and we encourage
customers to keep the number of attendees as low as 10. This allows a
good level of interactivity, and ensures that every attendee can obtain
the necessary support.

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