Use the Right Tools for the Right Purpose.
Control them.
Master them.

Your business is only Safe if you
Feel Confident
in your Production Environment

Vettabase standard services are designed to help you on this.

During this monthly or weekly time, you can outsource delicate or time-consuming DBA tasks that your team prefers not to deal with.

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Train your devops and DBAs to handle your databases, reaching high scalability and performance levels.

Train your developers to understand data models and get the best out of their databases, in terms of performance and functionalities.

Supported databases: MariaDB | MySQL

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Proactively check the health of your database servers. You will receive a document with all current and potential problems in every aspect of your databases: database configuration, system configuration, schema design, queries.

Supported databases: MariaDB | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Cassandra

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We automate deployments for all the technologies we support: MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra.

We build automation using Ansible or Puppet.

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We advice new customers to start with a health check or with a training. This will help us familiarise each other. Once you know how we work and we understand your needs better, we can offer services that are tailored for you.