Database Automation Service

At Vettabase, we automate your Database
deployments and configuration management.

We automate deployments for all the technologies we support: MariaDB, MySQL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL.

We build automation using Ansible or Puppet.

Vettabase can help you implement Database Automation


  • Have reliable automation in place,
    setup by field experts

    At Vettabase we are database and automation experts. We use our experience to follow the best industry standards and tools.

  • Reduce the cost of operations

    By automating deployments and configuration management you turn hours of work into minutes and avoid repetitive, frustrating tasks.

  • Avoid human mistakes

    If humans have a prominent characteristic, that is making mistakes. By automating deployments you eliminate anomalies that often result in IT and business problems.

  • Test servers and operations

    Even critical operations are easy to test, once they are automated. You can trust your automated infrastructure.

How it works

We will guide you through all the steps of building proper automation. We:

  • Understand your needs by having one or more meetings with your team.
  • Plan infrastructure automation and get the plan approved by you.
  • Build your automation using the best industry tools and standards.
  • Setup a test environment you can play with.
  • Optional training sessions with your team, so they can use their new automation with confidence.
  • Go production!

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