Monthly Time

Monthly Time is an amount of hours we will use to take care of your databases. Each month or week we will be available for ordinary and extra-ordinary database administration tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Migrations in production;
  • Query optimisation;
  • New deployments;
  • Investigate incidents.
Vettabase Monthly Time

How the service works

Each month/week we will have a call. Basically, you tell us what’s new: the problems you had since our last call and want us to solve; or the tasks you need us to perform.

Another way to proceed is that we log into your systems and check if everything is alright. We’ll see if the logs report any incidents, if database performance degraded for any reason, and so on. We will fix the problems we find or, if some action is necessary on your side, we will provide instructions.

Usually, clients want us to do a bit of both: we start with a call to know if you need something in particular from us, and then we do a quick check of your systems.

Except for the call, usually these tasks are asynchronous. We will work for you a certain amount of hours per month (or week), but the exact timing and weekdays may vary according to our and your schedule.

We understand that it may not always be possible – or optimal – to use exactly the amount of hours previously agreed. We try to be flexible, and we agree to “move” hours from one month to another, within reasonable limits. In other words, we agree on an average amount of hours.

During the whole duration of the work, we do our best to guarantee your data security and your privacy. See Consulting Policy for details.


  • If you don’t have a DBA, we can perform database administration tasks for you.
  • If your DBA team is overloaded, they can delegate to us some tasks.
  • If your DBAs can’t solve a particular problem, or don’t feel confident enough to perform certain operations, they can delegate some fixes and operations to us.
  • Let us review the performance and health of your systems periodically.
  • Ask us for advice when you have to make strategic or technical choices and you require some expert guidance.

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