Online Training: MySQL Query Optimisation

MySQL Query Optimisation is a 2 days team training, specifically designed for novice to expert developers. It is also useful for DBAs who work on index tuning.

This training includes all aspects of query optimisation and index design. It is extremely interactive and it presents many realistic examples. Explanations are designed to make practical examples as intuitive as possible, leading the attendees to understand the necessary concepts by themselves.


  • Design efficient schemas

    Create tables and schemas that are extensible, allow fast queries and are reasonably simple to understand.

  • Blazing fast queries

    Weather you use an ORM or not, write fast queries and build proper indexes.

  • Use transactions properly

    Use transactions to ensure the consistency of your data and prevent anomalies.

  • Take advantage of modern SQL

    Know SQL, use its full expressiveness. Stop re-inventing the wheel by implementing tricky logic in your code when you could add a simple clause to a query.


  • Understanding performance optimisation
  • Understanding indexes and their impact on performance
  • The EXPLAIN commands
  • Optimising WHERE clauses
    • Operations that can be optimised
    • Equality and range searches
    • AND , OR and NOT connectors
    • UNION
  • Functions and virtual columns
  • Covering indexes
  • ORDER BY : indexes and materialisation
  • Optimising GROUP BY and HAVING
  • Optimising JOIN s
    • JOIN types
    • Table access order, STRAIGHT_JOIN
    • Subqueries vs. JOIN s
  • Multi-table DELETE s and UPDATE s
  • Transactions and locks


The course is designed for developers of any level, with some relational database working knowledge. A basic SQL knowledge is desirable.

All attendees should have a stable and reasonably fast internet connection. Having a backup connection to use in case of troubles is also desirable.

Attendees should have the following programs installed on their laptops:

  • The latest MySQL stable version, or another
    version agreed with the customer before the beginning of the course. It is recommended that we use the MySQL version they will use in their daily work.
  • mysql or mycli command-line interfaces. mysqli is bundled with MySQL, whereas mycli is an open source project.
  • A terminal that allows to run system commands.

The operating system of choice is not relevant, as long as it is not too old or too new to run the MySQL version of choice.

Cost and timing

The MySQL Query Optimisation training has a cost of 2,500 GBP and its duration is 2 days.

A maximum of 15 attendees is allowed, and we encourage
customers to keep the number of attendees as low as 10. This allows a
good level of interactivity, and ensures that every attendee can obtain
the necessary support.


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