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Don’t rely on MySQL professionals to take care of your MariaDB servers. Rely on MariaDB experts instead. At Vettabase you will find MariaDB experts.

MySQL is not MariaDB

MariaDB and MySQL differences increase version after version, and year after year. Sure, migrating between them is usually easy, and applications that don’t use specific optimisations, or the newest features, will just work. But when it comes to make an advanced use of them, or sustain a heavy workload, that is not enough.

MariaDB and MySQL are now different projects. MariaDB has unique optimisations, characteristics and features. Some features are substantially the same as MySQL, but implementations often differ.

Don’t rely on MySQL professionals to take care of your MariaDB databases. Many people sell themselves as MariaDB experts because they know MySQL. They will easily make false assumptions based on their experience, or may not be able to give the right advice to take the most out of your servers.

Our expertise

Vettabase is a MariaDB Foundation Technology Partner.

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Federico Razzoli, Vettabase director and database cosultant, has been a MariaDB expert for many years now. Among other things, Federico:

Mastering MariaDB, Federico Razzoli, Packt Publishing
Mastering MariaDB,
by Federico Razzoli
  • Started to work with MariaDB before its first version became stable.
  • Wrote Mastering MariaDB for Packt Publishing.
  • Was a MariaDB Community Ambassador (a now discontinued project from the MariaDB Foundation).
  • Wrote a guide to migrate from SQL Server to MariaDB, integrated into the MariaDB KnowledgeBase.

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