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Vettabase Training Partnership Program

Our offer for Training Providers

We aim to establish valuable partnerships with Training providers that target Developers and Devops. Together we can expand our customer reach by offering a more complete training experience. We offer training for database skills that will integrate with your current offer.

Training courses for Developers cover a programming language or a framework. Training courses for devops cover automation technologies and methodologies. In both cases, database technologies are a related topic that is not covered extensively. This is an actual problem that professionals feel, when they are required to deal with database problems in the daily job.

We provide both in-person and remote training. We adjust the schedule to adapt it to the subject of your training offers and the needs of your audience.

We can fill that hole. Put our expertise at your service to offer better training experience.

Our offer

We offer different training offers for developers and for devops.

We can decline our courses for the most important open source databases:

  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

All our training offers consist of both theoretical explanations, quizzes, and hands-on exercises.

Both trainings normally have the following configuration:

  • For in-person training, we offer a 1 day session
  • For remote training, we typically offer 2 sessions of 3.5 hours, with pauses.

Different arrangements can be negotiated.

 Please contact us for the list of our training modules and all the details.

An example

Let’s say that you offer training for PHP developers. You offer a 3 day training. We will offer a 1 day training that will take place immediately after yours. After learning the basics of PHP programming, the students will learn about database design and query optimisation. The price for the end customer will have a discount. You will have a commission on the price of our earnings.

What’s in it for you

This partnership program is designed to provide you with great benefits.

  • Your offer will be more complete and will attract more clients.
  • We will pay you a commission for the training.
  • Co-marketing and co-branding opportunities.

What’s in it for clients

Clients decide what to buy. A partnership program is nothing if it doesn’t offer benefits for the end client.

  • Clients will obtain a more complete training.
  • Clients will focus on the skills they need to acquire from you, but will have high-value database training.
  • Clients will pay a lower cost and deal with a single provider.

What’s in it for us

  • We will sell more training courses.
  • We acquire contacts for further offers.

Contact us to hear more

Write to us at: pa**********@ve*******.com or complete the form below. Our partnership manager will contact you soon.

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