A proposito di Federico Razzoli

Federico is Vettabase Ltd director, and he's an expert database consultant specialised in the MariaDB and MySQL ecosystems. Federico is also a free software supporter. He believes in information sharing and reciprocal help. He thinks that multiple organisations contributing the same repositoy and benefiting from each other's work are better than many companies re-inventing the wheel. He thinks this view is not just compatible with business, but it's today and tomorrow's way of doing business. Federico also loves beers from the North of Europe, wines from Italy, bagpipes, nature hiking and the history of computing.

Monitoring that AUTO_INCREMENT values won’t reach the limit

AUTO_INCREMENT primary keys are useful, because they save usthe trouble to generate a unique value for every row, delegating this task to the database. But when we reach the limit we need to take some action, or we won’t be able to insert more rows. Continua a leggere Monitoring that AUTO_INCREMENT values won’t reach the limit