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Mount McKinley covered with snow is impressive
Mount McKinley

Though I have many things to write, I’ll keep this post short and avoid it to be auto-congratulatory.

Long story short, I turned my freelance business into a company: Vettabase Ltd. My companion Francesca is with me in this adventure, covering most of the administrative tasks I may easily get lost in. And we think that Vettabase has the potentiality to grow quickly.

If you’re curious about the name, Vetta is the Italian word for the top of a mountain. It is part of what we want to communicate our customers: what your complex, mission-critical database infrastructure from a vetta, keeping control from a distance. Let us take care of the machinery, and its tricky details. We’ll maximise your databases efficiency and reliability for you.

Take a look at our services, and do not hesitate to contact us for any question, or just to say hello.

Federico Razzoli

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About Federico Razzoli

Federico is Vettabase Ltd director, and he's an expert database consultant specialised in the MariaDB and MySQL ecosystems. Federico is also a free software supporter. He believes in information sharing and reciprocal help. He thinks that multiple organisations contributing the same repositoy and benefiting from each other's work are better than many companies re-inventing the wheel. He thinks this view is not just compatible with business, but it's today and tomorrow's way of doing business. Federico also loves beers from the North of Europe, wines from Italy, bagpipes, nature hiking and the history of computing.

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