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Vettabase does not recommend to run obsolete versions of database software, or any other server technology. Vettabase can help with upgrades.

However, some organisations simply do it. Keeping software upgraded means to invest resources in it, and sometimes organisations simply don’t think the benefits are worth the price. Hopefully obsolete software is for internal use, and does not deal with sensitive or critical data. But, whatever the reason, these organisations need packages for that software and consulting in case of troubles. Vettabase is willing to help.

This archive contains obsolete versions of some software that may be unavailable these days on vendors websites, or may be unavailable in the near future. If you rely on such versions, your business may be in danger. If your server is destroyed somehow, you need to be able to reinstall the software.

This archive helps you ensuring your business continuity.

Our policy

  • All the files are tested, and we provide at least one checksum to verify the correctness of your download.
    • Where possible, we verified our checksum with the one provided by the vendor.
    • Where we couldn’t find the original checksum, we performed some basic operation with our copy of the software (start, connect, stop) to verify that our copy is correct, than we used our checksum.
  • This archive only contains free software / open source software, unmodified. This guarantees that we are not violating any license.
  • As a general non-strict rule, for each obsolete major version we only keep the latest release.
  • Where possible we provide Linux tarballs, not distribution-specific packages. A tarball can be used on any Linux system.
  • We help you to install old software on reasonably modern systems, as we don’t think it is a good idea to install it on obsolete systems. For this reason:
    • We provide binaries for 64 bits systems, not 32 bits.
    • We may provide binaries that run on old systems, for example tarballs based on old glibc versions, but we prioritise packages for reasonably modern systems.

Containers and Virtual Machines

We want these old binaries to be easily usable without dealing with dependencies or other problems, so we make them available as Docker images and virtual machines.


VettaDock makes some of these obsolete versions available as Docker images. Dockerfiles available at Vettabase/docker-mysql-old GitHub repository.

We also open sourced the tools we used to build and test these Docker images: vetta-dev-tools-for-docker. These are simple tools but they can save a lot of time.


We plan to make these binaries also available as:

  • Vagrantfiles;
  • Ansible roles.

Contact us if you need them urgently.


Why don’t you include PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL source repository includes very old versions. Even postgres95. There is no need for us to distribute old PostgreSQL packages.

Archive index


  • MariaDB 10.1.48, glibc 2.14 or newer
    • MD5: 966e99db44f2671ec38669bae7f46e01
    • sha256: 893bddf10aacdfd68ca837e2e1f7a89bedd1c7ca11800df7dbe07edc3d76fb47
    • sha512: e97b9071b242e4d9d93cfd540ec981515990c781adc8c69ae96bbb215eee072a41fde70bed244aeef51e527f65eb9846de4b18a266c79d72158e49436ae1bfc3
  • MariaDB 10.0.38, glibc 2.14 or newer
    • MD5: 7a6d6ddb3d25f086655af9b234732181
    • sha256: 04d04ff87039a700289679a25d6fd146b72f7495df0c3c0f2828ef56a7bf005f
    • sha512: 9ced970d65cdac797385ce3fe5e4e76023ed4a620fda7aa0b67b3f603d4f3004edd7d3811f1080b27fa97f59563d79934bdeeed59f374fa18b67e1bd6a104141
  • MariaDB 5.5.68, glibc 2.14 or newer
    • MD5: 5be3d94a997b65c6d32dff766b988247
    • sha256: 806c37fa6853a07a4fa80cd542af22fa87128af1778b6fd56ba574fd07770e36
    • sha512: dd4b0f79ac059f6cc4d5810dc3376d031133ce4a11828d1c14212af433273bb161907a13ca53907e6920d89edd7261be88b24ca2667efaba371a805d35160fab
  • MariaDB 5.3.12
    • MD5: a58f368a301c23e5fdb5f6bb1213a9ee
    • sha256: 1ff315a171d74e51b8acec0f107ace074593206f7c53022eeb06aa113360f938
    • sha512: 8bbaf98fe0c8318fde78ec572cdb4eab4525d0a25e054393f397182265eb448b17aae1927352a05e3357b6a98e4a38c52d83afdd52e58359cf9af4ceb78e7dc2
  • MariaDB 5.2.14
    • MD5: 6594be4cbe3eba2957062d2fa48ed7ea
    • sha256: 961497665b235003b8b69351dc1a201770eb6e9b73126666857bc2e2b4aaa905
    • sha512: c10b8174637b3762acf343da4bb25daca6cc6f73aaea3f4dc4dfc34991e6617895d3ae894fe22e4f92a1661c48e411515a281e1a74738df038c9b17aed8d084c
  • MariaDB 5.1.67
    • MD5: 625b1c735a00046fc5f019e110de1c7d
    • sha256: 99327ee2c8ec6fde24ba579d185746d489e352a4b88b2d0976c3abac2c0096a3
    • sha512: c3d35c11e8914981a59115653b590f76dfe451d5766351181f3b08fe660ef533741fda07564287d0a63b958434fc605da34c2eb7010b4ab604354351263f9ff8


  • MySQL 5.6.51
    • Dockerfile
    • MD5: b4a58f228dc5e2d579eb9ce59e566bd5
    • SHA256: 1b6158dde3953c455f9538454a20dcc6c6cb941b8282405c66ded5674356c5e2
      SHA512: 967bc2f540f481bbfb148fa2ca6e4d3879e85897995a7f06c9cf79828979d2bd84b3eda8fd5f8e86c8c51264e4e5bbeb7a1d76c7dd62054fb0dc24f3ac40b579
  • MySQL 5.6.48
    • MD5: 1a4f4d3182c920255583d165369e911d
    • sha256: 62983ecdab6eafa1f86911393c470f6df5cacb1decf69daec64b18f2a0c3d596
    • sha512: 7444fde53cb8883c8f7e090f0a4b977ff0ad833032eb14772c179bf478c39ea24a77801115081ab037301d5fbdb250246700f8660a1a1e8093b8ff92356d4a48
  • MySQL 6.0.11-alpha
    • MD5: 11a22b5d2f082ff64ffd23f06205cc8d
    • sha256: a41983d8f824d676b200fe7dd1ab667f4df1d7e57845670461a077304bb16cfd
    • sha512: 548fedc38c459cb3ab3807719aa95903d8d33a718a19e9c82121833e5d463dc67823afe1f85f940e827c6b96d46553691460a0f3a76f33a5ab9aee46f5748880
    • Note: This branch should not be used. It was never declared GA and contained development work that was later abandoned. The following versions were named 5.6, 5.7 and 8.0, ignoring the 6 branch.
  • MySQL 5.5.62
    • Dockerfile
    • MD5: 2cb52d5ca4eef4cd37783ab5cb3622f3
    • sha256: 4927306c4e3f895d2a757fcb2bedb6fadf4685388b7c9bd344354455579e44d0
    • sha512: 7bf9d740a5e702ba53421b5b01a9d26e86e7cdc7fe8fa86871683c61be6395227bac6547136a9b080f4f918d249324e6754639924d04b89877a81496e6a52e4b
  • MySQL 5.4.3-beta
    • MD5: 287dd61ca95d0019060a3d7f803d6a6c
    • sha256: 49e5ea1cbb23937d76898895c1b23f59fd81184c8ea1b418d10ffd7755e64761
    • sha512: 655fb1e928c5dc7ec5618fe4f69e77a63468a1c747831ecbf64f49c899bfa9808160dfd5c439da7c6a7d5de76a261573b83f20e91f2948c97816a874d2b19eb3
    • Note: This branch should not be used. It was never declared GA and it was mainly introduced to experiment new configuration defaults.
  • MySQL 5.2.3-falcon-alpha
    • MD5: b8f0e2df593f753b0b5b6459cd9d3b29
    • sha256: eb5fddc51a651042ca4c940e52f9d6da03492425a565d62e9936701ade6f1447
    • sha512: c1d98fa66335daa520d688501fe5bb367755f2630358345113136751a99759c72bc61894872bc536e74c1ccc3947690c32e159df60ad720a3d17dc2fa9638b22
    • Note: This branch should not be used. It was never declared GA and it was mainly introduced to develop the Falcon storage engine, which was discontinued before becoming GA.
  • MySQL 5.1.73
    • Dockerfile
    • MD5: 02291ad2d30f273bc8da24444e55a2ee
    • sha256: 97a76af8b8fd2001d1cff02ae391ed661eaee8c4f3104965bb28388c832bb0c9
    • sha512: 045cc42a1078aae77d2ba9d9e35d69df79feb33de3dc112095e669d5b298ac24ba963ac071ab7a0d3cbe917c68624c184e4d7c69c76dbf43c4df32cb2e4da1b2
  • MySQL 5.0.96
    • Dockerfile
    • MD5: ec0897c53c8c325c816e0d045520939c
    • sha256: fb456c47afe316381b84e1fb925f30f54ee387cbf2be63e90fe0c20e5246b7db
    • sha512: b8ee74710ea132253bf435844120daa22c04c098005f7cb3137e0f95b91a50d303fcc2ab58fdaf59af2fcb13148342dac3ec941c49eb44f6d89dcde2e1bc7707
  • MySQL 4.1.22
    • Dockerfile
    • MD5: 1b4dcb0169258df8e2e4975766e71a9e
    • sha256: 07891177ace371fa91f2a628d907e88f690ae8a873d88e11861c6d52d36cc0aa
    • sha512: e44f290695c062ddecc9f6d032243c37a37854a95fe5ece89233f6370710a20512832b117cec5b7672fd1981f4e61ba885be76bd96e3956086ed5df75b9ab7f6
  • MySQL 4.0.30 source code
    • MD5: 35b838f40fa1f1d7feb9e65b42eea449
    • sha256: b2c5640ee53ed73922bef5e783a6d3f0c9304e3dd03a8bd533cae599a9e569e5
    • sha512: ae5e28ebf1e19f97c130042ad71bcb5a3e710279232ed2f5111428556b3d20c525b5598b6fdcf64c24d29dfd3ed63e5928eac6c07f7c8bbaae1449ae4c5fe799
  • MySQL 3.23.49 i686
    • MD5: 19ceefb59ec2297663ecf4057dd3c42e
    • sha256: b603301e796f97346f93062cec253bb6f29e92aebb832ba50d3bbc176c240bd0
    • sha512: 084d9c74c67152668d71d85108ad31a336afd5d887f4357166102a2d7edd3a9dee3706e747c17a6701e9f0876db5b1cbab2dbc8be9bbd1fe16ecffe436a4a3ca
  • MySQL 3.23.49 source code
    • MD5: 1eec75578df021ee22bb229268359d8f
    • sha256: 70f60bcad42af953c5d4306cf6dd592a6a7246ff0cd4e766cc071d4d84b48f19
    • sha512: 20eb0ac8b28c99566eab7864086d6b5fb3f75fca2e0ba78e131bdca92d3ad3082d26295974aecf25336d1d15ed4301a10b0e1750be3f6c4cc2d3812c01e83667