ALERT: Many Cassandra users may need an urgent upgrade

Last updated on 7 August 2021

Cassandra 4.0 GA was released on 26th July 2021. It’s a great version, with lots of new features and optimisations! But… what happens to the older versions?

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Last time I checked, some months ago, apparently some old versions users would need to upgrade quickly, because their versions would reach their EOL in 6 months from the release of Cassandra 4.0 GA. But now that 4.0 is released I’ve checked again, and…

  • Cassandra 2.1 is unsupported already.
  • Cassandra 2.2 will reach its EOL on April 2022, currently only critical bugs are fixed. Note that vendors definition of critical rarely matches users definition.
  • Cassandra 3 will reach its EOL on April 2022, currently it’s supported.

If you use Cassandra 2.* you already in trouble, though if you use 2.2 your troubles are moderated. In all cases, the time to upgrade is short, you need to act now.

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