MariaDB Training

MariaDB training from Vettabase

Delivered by MariaDB Experts

Don’t rely on MySQL professionals for your MariaDB training. Many people sell themselves as MariaDB experts because they know MySQL. They may not understand the differences between MariaDB and MySQL, and may not be able to give the right advice to take the most out of your servers.

Vettabase are recognised MariaDB experts. Find out more on this.

Vettabase offers the following MariaDB courses:

TitleDurationAudienceCost (GBP)
MariaDB for MySQL DBAs2 daysDBAs, Devops2,500
MariaDB Administration Essentials2 daysDBAs, Devops2,500
MariaDB Replication2 daysDBAs, Devops2,500
Galera Cluster2 daysDBAs, Devops2,500
MariaDB Query Optimisation2 daysBackend Developers2,500
MariaDB Stored Procedures2 daysAnalysts, Data Engineers, Backend Developers2,500
MariaDB for Data Engineers2 daysData Engineers2,500

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