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We provide expert consulting on your database infrastructure.

Databases are the most complex components of a modern IT infrastructure. Taking care of them properly requires important resources, in terms of specific knowledge and tooling. It is hard for professionals to spread their skills horizontally and vertically over various technologies to master the specific knowledge that is needed to design and troubleshoot a database infrastructures properly.

Vettabase is the external resource that can add those competencies to your team.

We want you to focus on business success and abstract from the machinery, its configuration, its code.

We use the right tool for the right purpose. We have a preference for open, efficient, well-integrated technologies.


We are MariaDB Foundation Technology Partners

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At Currencies Direct, Federico reviewed our Cassandra infrastructure, providing us with precious recommendations on how to improve its configuration and our data models. His consulting clarified the intricacies of a distributed database and the Java Virtual Machine, and allowed us to take advantage of the peculiarities of Cassandra.
I would recommend Federico to other companies to handle their database problems.
Federico’s ability to explain high level concepts in a clear, concise fashion has saved me countless hours educating developers. It is one thing to explain a concept in depth to an audience of one, it is quite another to make clear the same information in a way everyone can understand. His willingness to contribute to the overall knowledge base is a credit to the open source community. In a time when so many people call themselves ‘full stack’ or ‘subject matter experts’, Federico is indeed just that. He has the respect and gratitude of his peers, colleagues, and customers alike.